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Chicken Feeds

Chicken feeds are important for maintenance and production of meat and eggs for both exotic and indigenous chickens. Feed component include energy feeds: maize, white sorghum, millet, maize grains and minerals: The most important minerals are calcium and phosphorous.

Jubilee Chick Mash

  • Balanced for energy proteins, vitamins and minerals.
  • Fortified with coccidiostat and other feed activities.
  • Approximately 2kg per chick needed for two months.
  • Crude protein: 20% on dry matter basis.
  • Crude fibre: <7% on dry matter basis




Jubilee Growers Mash with Coccidiostat

  • Carefully formulated to prepare grower birds for a prolonged duration of laying.
  • Prevents precocious maturity.
  • Brings birds to lay at 18 weeks at an average live weight of 1.5 kg.
  • Ensures excellent plumage.
  • Contains added coccidiostat and other feed additives.
  • Approximate 9kg of feed needed per grower bird for 2 1/2 months.
  • Crude protein 17% on dry matter basis.
  • Crude fibre <7.5% on dry matter basis.


Jubilee Layers Mash

  • A high quality ration designed to provide the nutrients required by layers.
  • Ensures high end conversion efficiency, good egg size, strong egg shells and dry droppings.
  • Approximately 140 gms per bird per day.
  • Crude protein 19% on dry matter basis.
  • Crude fibre <7% on drry matter basis.




Jubilee Higrow Broiler Starter Mash


  • A superb formulation designed to give broiler chicks the desired threshold in 21 days.
  • Highly fortified for faster weight gains feed consumption and general flock uniformity. In addition, it ensures low disease prevalence and mortality
  • An average od 0.8 kg of feed per bird for 21 days.
  • Approximate crude protein 24% on dry matter basis.
  • Approximate crude fiber 67% on dry matter basis.



Jubilee Higrow Broiler Finisher Mash

  • Meticulously designed to take the birds through the final phase with the same vigor initiated by Jubilee Higrow Starter.
  • Approximate feeds intake 3 kg to finishing.
  • An average of 1.6 kg dressed weight in less than six weeks.
  • Approximate crude protein 22%.
  • Approximate crude fibre <6%.

Jubilee Broiler Finisher Pellets

  • Formulated to ensure a good finishing phase with reduced fat deposition.


  • Desired weight of 1.4kg deadweight is achieved within 35days.


  • Ensures reduced feed intake time, creating more time to rest, digest and assimilate nutrients.

Jubilee Broiler Starter Crumbs

  • A well-formulated high protein feed to start chicks on a high note for faster growth and maturity.


  • Made to KEBs standards.


  • The feed also ensures a good FCR, reduced feed mortality and general flock uniformity.

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