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Dairy Cow Meals

It is from the feeds that a dairy cow derives energy for maintenance, growth, milk production and reproduction. Hence, dairy cows need a varied and balanced diet, including energy, quality concentrates, protein, vitamins and minerals

Jubilee Dairy Meal

  • A well balanced ration with high quality by pass protein.
  • Forrtified with minerals and vitamins.
  • For every 3 ltrs of milk give 1 kg of Jubilee Dairy Meal.
  • ApproXimate crude protein content; 17% .





High Yielda Dairy Meal

  • A powerful top performing formulation loaded with high energy protein, minerals and vitamins fortification.
  • Paced with high quality by-pass protein.
  • Designed for optimal milk yield especially for high yielding dairy cows.
  • Recommended rate of use: 1 kg Jubilee High Yield Dairy Meal for every 3 ltrs milk yield.

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